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The Red Geraniums

Susan’s grandma lived in a sunny valley in a little pink mobile home. Susan loved visiting Grandma because she was very sweet, and her garden was full of beautiful flowers and many kinds of goodies to nibble while walking through the plants. Grandma always had tasty fruit to eat, and she made delicious pies. Grandma… Continue reading The Red Geraniums

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First, We Are Earthlings

We are all Earthlings. Before we are Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jewish, we are Earthlings. Before we are black, brown, pink, beige or chocolate, we are Earthlings. Before we are Canadian, Venezuelan, Polish, Turkish, Chinese or Kenyan, we are Earthlings. We are all Earthlings, whether or not we are fathers, grandmothers, aunts, twins, or… Continue reading First, We Are Earthlings