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Will Humans be Different in 1400 Years?

In the year 3470 we will still be human. We will still eat, sleep, have wishes and dreams, have children, have normal body functions, pleasures and desires. We will still grow our food. We will still have friends, listen to music and enjoy entertainments.

Imagine in the year 700, a person with a good imagination might have thought, “Someday, perhaps in 1400 years, I (someone like me)  will no longer be a serf. I will own my own home and work at a job of my choosing, for a living wage. I will have my own transportation. My home will have indoor plumbing, and energy for lights, heat and cooling, cooking and storing food. I will be able to buy ready made clothes and shoes and not have to kill a sheep or cow to get meat and tallow for candles, and wool and hides for clothes and shoes. I will go to a  market and buy a wide variety of foods.

I will listen to recorded music and travel around the world (the Earth is round??) in some kind of fast vehicle. I will have friends all around the world and communicate with them any time I wish. I will put my wages in a bank and make purchases with my own money.

I will live twice as long. I won’t die from minor injuries or infections. My babies will live and grow up. My eye sight won’t weaken at a young age. I will have medicine to counter any effects from lack of exercise or poor diet, as well as inherent diseases. Water will be clean enough to drink, so I won’t walk around with a buzz from drinking small ale.

Imagine 1400 years from now, maybe I (someone like me) will have my own planet, or a share of one. I will get to it in a vehicle that uses electromagnetic energy. I will use organic solar power to supply all the energy I need. I will use biodynamic agriculture, that looks upon the land as a living thing, and a farm as an individual, to grow my crops.

My diet will be highly nutritious and delicious. I will exercise daily. Medical techniques will be advanced and non-invasive. Biochemistry and Pharmacology will be advanced to pinpoint accuracy, as well as diagnostics, therapeutics and nutrition. Humans will be aided by synthetic beings, androids and biodroids.

We will have embedded communication devices. Our vision will be enhanced. Our vehicles will recognize us. We will have embedded banking chips in our fingers.

Without love, humans fail to thrive, even die. Humans will always need to interact with other humans and be accepted and loved.

The numbers point to near certainty, that there is other life in the universe. We will, one day, need to learn to interact, accept and possibly love, other life forms, other species, than our own. I don’t think this will be a feat any harder than it was for the Europeans and Asians to set sail to uncharted lands across the wide oceans on Earth.

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