Is Christmas Magic?

IMG_0089When I was little I believed Christmas time was magic time. The angels would save the Little Match Girl and she wouldn’t really die in the street as the unaffected people walked by her. And the little boys, like Tiny Tim, would receive help from an unexpected source.

The stories were written with kindness and heart that only come from surviving such experiences first hand.

I don’t believe anyone should suffer- but I also wonder if all the over indulgence of the modern world doesn’t lead to apathy?

When my children were little, it broke my heart when I couldn’t grant their every wish. Now that I see what wonderful, thoughtful adults they’ve become, they are a blessing that no five minute excitement over an expensive toy could ever give.

Maybe the magic is in the thoughts, the heart of the individual, who gives with love, all that they can, even if it seems to be inadequate. Maybe just the love is all that is needed, for the magic to be real.


5 thoughts on “Is Christmas Magic?

  1. Oh the magic of a youthful Christmas past. The Christmas future is full of hope and excitement and then there is the Christmas of the present; never what it is cranked up to be once you are older and wiser but if you have children around, there is still wonder at the sight of the tree, at the pile of gifts underneath and the mystery of Father Christmas managing to visit every home in just one night. There are the school plays, the carols and the zizz in the air as the day gets nearer. Oh to be young again and to be taken in by it all and to enjoy it through the eyes and heart of a child. I am glad, however, that I grew up in a less materialistic age and was content with the orange in the stocking along with nuts and a tin of toffees and a new pair of shoes or slippers. We really appreciated the little surprises in our sacks, nothing expensive but gladly received all the same. We didn’t write lists, drop hints or expect anything. How times have changed. Happy New Year Jeanice. Good luck with your books for 2014. Jane x

    1. Indeed Jeanice. How times have changed. I recall the smell of the Xmas paper, and the tree. They don’t seem to have the same smell now. The excitement of staying up late t go to Midnight Mass and listening to Nan singing a little out of tune as she had had a little Sherry before venturing out in the cold and not being used to it, it had gone to her head. Everyone coming to our place Boxing Day and being allowed a taste of Stones Ginger Wine and thinking we were going to get drunk! Yep the times they have a-changed! Lol.

      1. What wonderful memories you have, Jane! I think I only got to go to midnight Mass once. It was exciting to be up that late! The smell is forever in my mind. It is elusive now, with all the commercial hype. Makes me sad for the younger generations… The first time I had something with alcohol was my Aunt’s wedding~ I got to have champagne when I was 12, oh boy! I just went to sleep

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