A Summer Solstice

We went to the land of magic at night on the longest day in June,
under the birch and spruce trees near 100,000 lakes,
as we waited for the waning moon.
We ran and jumped while our gossamer scarves shimmered in bright purple and blue.
For the song that we sang as we danced in the light of the Midnight Sun,
fairies brought us strawberry wine and elves shared their feast in the woods.
We all laughed when the fairies raced with birds.
The elves invited some toads, who have no manners at all.
They jumped on the table and stepped in the dishes, to the elves dismay.
We stayed up past dawn, for no darkness came on that day.
We found some bugs for the toads and the elves begged us to stay.
We danced on our toes while the fairies held our scarves up to fly in the breeze.
We had more strawberry wine and the elves spoke in rhyme,
as our eyelids got heavy and closed.
We woke the next day on our own, in a blanket of leaves.
Down by our feet,
in a package so neat,
were the fairy cakes we forgot to eat.


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