Interview / Jeanice Deering

My interview by The International Foundation for Women Artists.

International Foundation for Women Artists BLOG

When I have an idea I love I can’t stop writing, it’s almost as important as breathing.

– Jeanice Deering


Tell us about you ?

My name is Jeanice Deering. I have been married for 38 years, still amazed. We have three grown children, 2 boys and a girl. I am presently mourning the loss of my American Bulldog… I have a feral kitty who visits daily, named Kitimiss, and one more Am. Bulldog, Yuna. We live in the North Valleys of Reno, NV on a large plot, in the beautiful mountains, and raise organic chickens, turkeys and a huge garden.

How did you start writing?

When I was six I started writing little stories. I haven’t stopped.

It is pretty rare to see women writers in Sci-Fi, what brought you to it?

I started writing Sci-Fi because of my great admiration for Dr. Carl Sagan. I first became interested…

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