My Pie Hypothesis


IMG_1437Black Grape and Blueberry PieIMG_0098Strawberry-rhubabrb PieIMG_0145Pear Pie

It’s true that fruit pie has generally been considered a dessert as long as there has been pie. It’s true that pie has sugar and butter, but the main ingredient is fruit.

Fruit is highly nutritious, high in antioxidants, bioflavinoids, micronutrients and fiber. The best nutrient sources for longevity are fruits and berries. James Duke Ph.D. suggests we should eat as many berries as we can in his book, “anti-aging Prescriptions.”

Natural fruit sugar is not the same as processed sugar. It only counts as sugar in those barely useful nutritional labels which are on almost every commercially prepared food package. (I am not saying this includes those with concerns about diabetes.)

As for butter, it is a natural fat, especially if you use organic from grass fed cows. It is easier for your body to use than margarine or shortning. Eating fresh fruit also helps us eliminate excess cholesterol…

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