childhood · garden · memories · Poetry

Into the Sunshine



She was just in her room

playing with Mrs. Bunny and pink Tibby Bear.

She drove out to the garden on her Big Wheel,

Mrs. Bunny and Tibby on the seat.


She’s standing in the flower bed,

in the yellow morning light,

wearing her frilly white slip

with her messy blonde hair,

whispering wishes to a lady bug, on the back of her hand.


She sings songs to Tibby and Mrs. Bunny.

They sit on the Big Bird chair

and watch The Elephant Show.

She turns off the TV

with her pink painted toe.


She has to check the vines in the garden

for fat peas to eat with their lunch.

They sit at the table on the deck.

Mrs. Bunny and Tibby each have a small yellow chair.

I won’t tell her about

the fairies flying over her blonde head in the sun.



She is a little stubborn.

She won’t try the potty chair,

unless Mrs. Bunny sits there first.


For bath time, Mrs. Bunny and Tibby

have to sit on the counter to wait.

After she’s clean, there’s still time

to check for sweet corn,

for a bedtime treat.


Where is she now?

She’s out in her swing,

trying to touch the clouds with her feet.


It’s bedtime, little one,

we’ll read lots of books,

until you, Mrs. Bunny and Tibby

have a dance with the Sandman.

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