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Summer Is Coming


Each time I look up, Orion swings his club a little further to the west in the night sky.

Soon he will be off to his summer place, and not be up for us to see, until early morning. We will have to wake before the sun is up to see Orion rise in the east.

Three stars make his belt, Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. He holds the pelt of a lion in his left hand. The nebula between his knees, M42, furiously makes new stars.

The Summer Sky Dome will be ornamented by Cygnus, home of the North American Nebula. Draco will be slightly north and west of Cygnus, with The Cat’s Eye Nebula, a dying Sun, under the dragon’s tail.

The dragon’s tail begins right between The Big Dipper and The Little Dipper. His head points to Hercules, who will be in the center of the night sky, with M13, The Hercules

Cluster, to the west of his torso.


Summer meteor showers will be cause to lie on the lawns and watch the sky. First, the Eta Aquarids begin in mid April and last until late May. The Perseids grace the night sky from mid July until late August.

Let Summer bring her glory and bounty of garden delights, watermelon and strawberries, potato salad and cherry pie. We’ll have bon fires and picnics and watch the sky on warm summer nights.


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