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How is This O.K.?

Freedom of religion is a right that should be forever enjoyed by all. It is the epitome of freedom, being able to choose.

There is a line, however, which must not be crossed by anyone. It is a matter of morality. The line is this: no one has the right to impose their religion on other people. All religions have their valid points, but when religion is used to justify horrendous acts, it is no longer good or moral. It is no longer an honor to God.

Using religion as an excuse to murder, mame, and/ or rape, is not religion. It is criminal and absolutely evil. We cannot look the other way for fear of being accused of bigotry. This is a matter of human rights. How do you not say anything when you know about something horrible; if you think, maybe if I say something, it will help.

I have tried to write about other things, but this haunts me. I can’t NOT say something. I think it’s about human rights, and a group or section, of a religion that has gone wrong. They have lost their grasp on morality, decency and reality. They have given in to immature, unleashed anarchy- do anything you want, take anything you want, play shoot-em-up, rape all the women, dominate everyone, control everyone, not care about consequences and use your religion as an excuse.

Through out history, religion has been used as an excuse to torture and kill other humans. A few examples: when the Romans burned down the Great Library of Alexandrea and killed the many Pagan scholars, The Spanish Inquisition, The Salem Witch trials, The Nazis of WWII. and so on. There have been so many campaigns, on large and small scale, to impose religious beliefs on others.

When a group claims religious reasons to persecute half of all humans, simply for what they are born to be: female, that religion becomes utterly inane. No human can simply appear. They must first be grown inside and then born of a female human. Disrespect to females is, therefore, not valid as a religious point.

The pattern of hatred toward females has become prevalent. In lands where ISIS reigns, women and girls are not allowed to forget their burkahs, or hijabs, or make a man angry, or they will have acid thrown on them. See this link, (Warning,it is graphic):

People who don’t live with this fear everyday, cannot properly imagine what it is like. We must have empathy. Girls should be allowed to go to school, and not be afraid their school bus will become target practice.  See this link:…/la-fg-car-bombs-school-bus-yemen-20141216-story,html

The rest of the world has been seeing this terrorist behavior. In places like Sweden and the Netherlands, women must not be out alone because the incedence of gang rapes by migrant men has risen. These men do not think they have to respect women who don’t wear burkahs.

This gives rise to questions as to why the target for a suicide bomber was a concert in Manchester, that was mainly attended by girls. The pattern is obvious. Will we allow this hatred toward women to flourish? This is not religion, it is terrorism. It is an affront to human rights.



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