autumn · bliss · Poetry

Indian Summer Afternoon


Vermillion and gold cherry leaves

waggle in the gentle breeze

against the brilliant blue sky.

Mocking birds bicker,

sparrows chirp and flock

to the thickest juniper branches.

scrub jays let out startling squawks.

Assorted machine sounds

bounce off of the surrounding hills,

planes and cars on their way.

Goldfinches scavange the last sunflower seeds

from the tall, faded, happy faces of summer.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The air is alive with sights and sounds

familiar and comforting as a lullaby,

and smells of leaves, bonfires and evergreens.

Roses make their last attempt at blooms

before the winter storms begin.

Dog barks and rooster calls echo across the gully.

Bees and wasps gather the last food of the year.

Glorious sunlight warms the skin and heart.

Another summer fades into memory,

but for these days, warmth remains.

Happy feelings the angle of autumn light creates

as leaves crunch under walking feet,

until another glorious sunset

brings on night and dinner time

and time for sleep

and dreams

with wishes for another Indian summer day

when we wake.




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