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First, We Are Earthlings

photo courtesy NASA

We are all Earthlings.

Before we are Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jewish, we are Earthlings.
Before we are black, brown, pink, beige or chocolate, we are Earthlings.

Before we are Canadian, Venezuelan, Polish, Turkish, Chinese or Kenyan, we are Earthlings.
We are all Earthlings, whether or not we are fathers, grandmothers, aunts, twins, or children.
We are all Earthlings whether we are dogs, elephants, butterflies, oak trees, amoebas or human.

It will not matter one bit, if you are the founder of a record company, homeless, talented, a president or a veteran of the Iraq War,

When the balance of life tips away from the ability to sustain carbon-based organisms- like you and me and the giant sequoias.

When the balance of the cycles of the Earth are broken,

even if you are a factory worker, a political analyst, a lawyer, a medical student, a craft store cashier or an executive chef,

when earthquakes, hurricanes and fires break out,

nothing will keep a 20 bedroom mansion any safer than an apartment building or a three bedroom house or a tent.

When the polar ice melts and the oceans rise, and the krill doesn’t thrive and the whales all starve,

When the oxygen in our atmosphere is too low, and the rain doesn’t come and the fires burn,

We will not be able to fix it.
We will all be gone, but the Earth will continue.

The Earth will right all that we destroyed, when we are gone. And once again, carbon- based life will begin.

But it will not be us.
Our chances are fading.

We continue to allow destruction in what is left of the rainforests, for some cheap palm oil, to make cheap snacks that are not good for our health.
We continue to allow deregulation of  laws that protect our air, wildlife, the natural world, our health, our finances, all so big corporations can profit.
We continue to believe leaders who lie and make big promises.
We continue to overbuild and destroy habitat that belongs to wildlife.
We continue to use more energy than we are able to sustain.

We overharvest natural resources.

We throw plastic all over the Earth without care that it is choking the oceans, the wildlife and us.
We buy too many clothes and single use items. We don’t plan what will happen once we are finished with them.
We have to stop and think and plan. We have to reconsider the size of our future families, and what is sustainable.

We have to study our selections before we purchase. Do we really need fast food in unsustainable packaging?
We have to plant trees and leave healthy trees alone. We have to have trees to clean our air.
We have to have healthy algae in the oceans, to make our air.

We have to stop exploiting the natural resources.
We have to stop denying the sentience of the other lives with whom we share our planet. All animals have thoughts and feelings, not just us, and we are animals (organisms) too. Trees are living organisms, they support each other, underground.

We have to stop exterminating the wildlife and building more and more into their natural habitat.
We have to be responsible for what we purchase and not be wasteful. We have to start using reusable cups, dishes and cutlery, and learn to live without plastic straws.

We cannot win against the power of the Earth. The Earth will flourish without us.

We have to stop believing that those in power want us to go to war to save innocent people and children, when what they really want is to go where natural resources are plentiful. They want to pillage, murder, and destroy the land beyond repair, just to acquire oil or gold or other wealth.

We have to come together, in some way, no matter who we are as individuals. We need each other. We each need to bring our own special talents and skills. We have to give up a little convenience for a greater benefit. We have to take our Earth away from those who care only for profits and bottom lines.

We can each do something. It doesn’t have to be huge, just something.
Plant trees, plant native flowers to feed the bees and butterflies.
Grow your own food.
Repurpose old things.
Stop buying plastic and things packaged in plastic.
Grow a community garden for all to enjoy.
Spend a Saturday cleaning up a roadside, with your family.
Get solar power.
Write letters and ask companies to use sustainable packaging and Earth friendly ingredients. Letter writing, (it can be e-mail) is more effective than mass petitions as those are often discarded, sadly.
Donate clothes and goods to charity rather than throwing it in the garbage, where it will end up in the landfills.
There is so much each person can do, all by themselves. Each little thing adds up.

We have to care about life, all life, before it’s too late.


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