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Bless the Rain

DSCN1089 rain on the deck

Bless the rain

Tho’ it ruined the bar-be-que.

Thank the rain

for watering the garden and one less chore on a busy day.

Honor the rain

tho’ it makes my hair go straight as string

and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Praise the rain

for green healthy plants

and strawberries

and puddles where fairies dance.

Thank you rain

for wildflowers

and baby deer

and enough grain stores to feed us through the year.

Listen to the rain

as it drips on trees

and the roof

and the tin water bowl by the garden gate.

Smell the rain

as the force of the drops

sends a thousand scents of the Earth into the air.

Be relaxed by the rain,

gentle as a butterfly, on a peaceful summer day.DSCN1091 roses in rain

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