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Summer Goings On

I smell the olive trees scenting the air with their sweet sweet perfume.

Every year I wait for them to bloom.

It is such a delight to drive along to do some homely chore,

and without warning

the inward breath is filled with that lovely odor.


And this is the season for the sacred cottonwoods to send out their fluffy seeds.

They float along the gentle air streams to destinations near and far.

They drift across the bright field of bluest sky.

Indeed, they are perfect cover in which fairies can fly.


The brush piles and hiding places amongst the leaves are full of crickets.

How they chirp at twilight when the stars begin to twinkle.

Wishes pop out of my thoughts before I have time to reason with them.

Darkness rises from the ground and respirations from the native junipers

freshen the warm night air, filling my lungs and relaxing my mind.

Jupiter is so near in the sky, I can see one of his larger moons with binoculars

and the crickets continue to chirp.

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