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Excerpt from “3470 C.E.”

“Athena, are you in the cornfield?” Mom’s hologram is in front of me. “No, Mom, Ced wanted the corn, so I’m in the barley.” “One of the water droids is down,. I’ll call Ceddy.” “Want me to go over there?” I ask. “Would you?” The Cheetahs have com-sets and we have micro-sets we can put… Continue reading Excerpt from “3470 C.E.”

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Athena Sparrowhawk and the Goddess

My favorite number is seven, the heptad. According to the great Pythagorean teachings, seven is symbolized by the goddess Athena. Because seven cannot be divided by any number than itself, it represents a fortress or acropolis. Seven brings order to nature, there are seven phases of the moon, seven Pleiades, seven parts of the body-… Continue reading Athena Sparrowhawk and the Goddess