Space travel

The more I talk to people, I realize many think space travel is an unusual idea, rather scary and not something they want to think about. They react as if they are being offered something disgusting for lunch.
Carl Sagan said that humanity will have to colonize other planets if we want to survive as a species. I think that sounds natural, as natural as the Europeans and Asians traversing the uncharted oceans to discover new land. Humans have always migrated.
I think it’s exciting to go to new places with endless possibility for growth. This is how my idea for a super farm planet started and eventually turned into “3470 C.E.”

9 thoughts on “Space travel

  1. I like the idea of going to other planets to live but then I remember what we’ve done to this one and I think perhaps it is not a great idea. And who controls the planets? America, Russia, China? They’d want to own them like they feel they own space already – no-one asks our thoughts or permissions for what they do up there.

  2. I agree, Jane. The state of our world at present is atrocious. I believe we will need alien intervention (tongue in cheek) and that the Earth should unify, after all, we are all Earthlings. That’s why I placed it so far into the future. If we haven’t self destructed by then, perhaps we can do it. Thank you for your input! I really appreciate it. xx

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