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First, We Are Earthlings

We are all Earthlings. Before we are Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jewish, we are Earthlings. Before we are black, brown, pink, beige or chocolate, we are Earthlings. Before we are Canadian, Venezuelan, Polish, Turkish, Chinese or Kenyan, we are Earthlings. We are all Earthlings, whether or not we are fathers, grandmothers, aunts, twins, or… Continue reading First, We Are Earthlings


Pythagoras’ Teachings are Relevant Now

I want to talk about Pythagoras. He was born on a Greek colonial island, Samos, in the Mediterranean Sea, over 25 centuries ago. When Pythagoras is mentioned now, the common reply is, “I don’t like math.” Pythagoras did live according to a strict philosophy he called, historia, or inquiry.  He was a highly respected man of his… Continue reading Pythagoras’ Teachings are Relevant Now

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Will Humans be Different in 1400 Years?

In the year 3470 we will still be human. We will still eat, sleep, have wishes and dreams, have children, have normal body functions, pleasures and desires. We will still grow our food. We will still have friends, listen to music and enjoy entertainments. Imagine in the year 700, a person with a good imagination… Continue reading Will Humans be Different in 1400 Years?